"Without Trax, words like 'Jack', 'Acid', and 'House' would never have dropped into our cultural lexicon...Crucially, without Trax, the house revolution would not have been amplified." - ID Magazine, June 2004

"Their propulsive, slightly sinister yet oddly funky Kraftwerk-goes-disco clanking led directly to rave, techno, bit beat and all the endless permutations of dance music." - Blender Magazine, September 2004

"Chicago's Trax Records is one of the most influential and important labels in the history of electronic dance music. They've been called "the Motown of House", and it would be hard under any circumstances to dispute this statement. Trax wasn't the only label to produce house music back in the hazy Paleolithic era of the 1980s, but they were certainly among the very best. - Pop Matters"

TRAX Records: The Original Home of House Music. Created beneath the Chicago moon the quintessential catalogue of a generational phenomenon was born. TRAX Records burst on the scene in the early 80's with a unique soulful sound that earned the brand name "House" because of its warehouse roots. A string of classic dance hits followed including: "Move Your Body"; "Baby Wants To Ride"; "Real Thing"; "Can U Feel It"; "House Nation"; "This Is Acid" and "U Used To Hold Me." These songs and a host of others became the soundtrack for escape, fantasy, love and desire.

Screamin' Rachael, President
Jorge Cruz, Creative Director