The Birth of House Music


After purchasing Precision Pressing a vinyl-plant in Chicago, Larry Sherman soon meet DJ /producers Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence In 1984, a couple of ambitious kids with one thing on their mind, getting their music pressed on vinyl.


One of the first artists signed by Trax Rachel Cain - known as Screamin Rachael became -the first house artist to have a major label deal when she signed to Teldec in Germany which was owned by Universal. Her continued belief and work with the Trax label through the years helped to promote and propel classics like "Can You Feel It" by Larry Heard, "Acid Tracks" by Phuture, "No Way Back" by Adonis, and "Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson. These tracks, and others such as My Main Man and Rock Me, by Cain herself helped to propel the revolution that is known as house music today.


Screamin Rachael was instrumental in helping spread the House sound to New York City and eventually to Europe. In 1987, she recorded "Fun with Bad Boys" with her friend and mentor, Bronx-born DJ/producer Afrika Bambaataa, who is widely regarded as the Godfather of Hip Hop. This track helped launch the “Hip House” sound.


Today, Rachael Cain has been dubbed “the Queen of House Music” and is the owner and President of Trax LTD. She also produces Movies and soundtracks with talented director Eric Rivas, which are distributed by Sony Orchard. You can currently see The Vamp Bikers Trilogy on most digital platforms. Since she took over the label in 2000, House Music has continued to thrive within the mainstream pop culture. Popular artists of today, such as Kanye and Drake, are using samples from Trax Records singles more regularly. MTV also used samples from Trax artists in their national TV commercials. And DJ/producer David Guetta, who caught major fire from House fans worldwide for being dubbed the “Godfather of House Music” admits that his favorite song and initial inspiration was “Love Can’t Turn Around” on Trax.


Rachael commented, “I’m not here to make fun of Guetta as some House fans do. I appreciate his passion for House and his promotion of it, and some of his own great music. Everyone can be House, as long as the originators like Frankie Knuckles, Jesse Saunders, Ron Hardy, Robert Owens, and others are recognized.”


On November 30th, 2018 Screamin Rachael removes all doubt about where House Music originated by releasing her new track called “I am House”, a collaboration with legendary DJ producer Joe Smooth. Her single features lyrics Rachael wrote about the House Music lifestyle and what House means to its fans.


In the end, the Queen of House rules with compassion and gratitude for House fans. She says, “We at TRAX thank you and REALLY APPRECIATE your continued support.”


Long may she reign!

Trax Records President / Owner Rachael Cain